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Department of Aerospace Engineering
3181 Glenn Martin Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742
Graduate Research Assistant
Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory

Phone: (301) 405-3282  |  E-mail: imraan (at)

Research Interests:

Flapping wing flight dynamics, UAV and MAV flight control, system identification

Dissertation Title:

Flight Dynamics and Control for Dipteran Insects and Bio-Inspired Micro Air Vehicles


This research examines the dynamics of dipteran flapping wing insects to determine the effective control strategies. Quasi-steady aerodynamics modeling, timescale separation and system identification techniques are used to develop reduced-order linear dynamical systems representing the small perturbation motion of the insect and quantify the control requirements. The dynamics are used to design a flapping wing micro-air vehicle having biologically-relevant control inputs and to design a feedback control mechanism to stabilize the vehicle.


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Dr. Sean Humbert

J. Sean Humbert, Ph.D.
Techno-Sciences Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering Innovation
3182 Glenn L. Martin Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
301.405.0328 TEL
301.314.9001 FAX
humbert (at)

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